Unleash Your Creativity

Ever wanted to create an awesome video and have fun doing it? Meet Studio Cinematic.
Applying & tweaking effects to your photos/videos is not only seamless, but its addictive too! Just play.
You have instant preview everywhere. The resulting video is just a cool side-effect!

Core Features

Quick Video Creation

We’ve created Studio Cinematic to get you up and running in minutes. Everything is simple, and what ever you do, the effects are immediate in the video pane. You have Instant Preview everywhere, so you can visualize your final video at all times. read more..

Videos To Impress

This is not an average video you’re Creating here. We’ve partnered with Professional photographers, so that you get amazing effects and transitions at your fingertips. Same for texts - they can have awesome effects bound to them. All you need to do is arrange them on the screen, customize them a bit if you wish, and you're done. Just try us, share your awesome videos, and be the envy of your friends! read more..

Immersive Transitions.

All of our transitions are immersive - namely, they sit between two consecutive photos/videos, , and as one ends and the next one begins, the transition takes place while both are running. This creates a really pleasant experience for the viewer. read more..

Sync To The Beat

We automatically synchronize all the Transitions/effects/text effects to the music beat. This makes the video so much more authentic and a pleasure to watch.You can resize/move our all the Transitions/Effects, and you'll see we'll allow you to sync to the beat. Just in case, once you're happy with your project, click "Sync" button on the bottom/right corner, and everything will be re-synchronized. read more..

Save Time

Why spend hours transforming your Memories into a video you’re incredibly proud of? Do it in minutes, and have a blast while doing it! read more..

Royalty-FREE Music

not sure what music to use when you make commercial videos? we have a growing selection of high quality Royalty-FREE music, to be used from within our app. read more..


Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what we should improve on. Your feedback will drive our development. And as a thank you, every month, we’ll hold a “3 months of Studio Cinematic for free” giveaway with our top people giving us feedback.

New Effect Packs Every Month

Each month we add an awesome set of effects, transitions, and text effects. Be the first to get it! Also, As an early bird, let us know what effects you want, and we’ll do our best to accomodate!

Words From Clients

What Are You Waiting For?

Subscribe now, get the app for free & get 50% off for the first 3 months when we launch.
Also, tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to include it in our timeline!


We haven't officially launched yet. We launched on Dec 2018 with a different name (www.phot-awe.com). We've found a new home on July 28, 2020 under our new name, Studio Cinematic. And we will launch on 1st of Jan 2021. Stay tuned!

For now, it's Windows 10 Only, version 1903+. Depending on what you guys ask, we may port it to other platforms as well.

While in BETA, the application is FREE. After that, it will be subscription based.

Please drop as an email at cinematic@studiocinematic.com , and we'll do our best to add it!

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