Edit videos 5x+ faster than before!


How confident are we in our app?

Extremely. That's why we've started a youtube playlist: "Do it in Under 5 minutes", where we publish a new video once a week.

I start every video project thinking 'I'm the Shakespeare of video creation'. But then, reality sets in...
Sound familiar? We know how it feels to struggle with video editing... Let us make you 5x+ faster. And bring back that smile ;)
Drag & Drop
You told us - we listened. We've redesigned the UI to make it a piece of cake to use. Drag and drop: videos, photos, music, effects.
Instant Preview
Click, edit, see instant results. Hover over the timeline - instant results. Hover over the video - you'll preview the video. Hover over the effects, you'll preview the video and the effects.
Just hover over what you want to cut. Click and drag for as long as you want to keep cutting. You have instant preview while dragging!
Hover until you find the right frame to freeze. Switch to & Static Video & mode, click and drag. That's it!
On the media, click on the Crop icon. Then move/resize the Crop rectangle to your liking. Hover over the lower section to see an instant preview of how your crop affects all the media.
Change resolution = 1 click
Go to toolbar, click on the Resolution box, select, and that's it - the project adjusts!
Getting started with video editing? Focus on filming great content, we'll take care of the post processing.
Epic Focus
Use it when you want to focus for a short while on a specific cropped part of the video. It's Pan & Zoom, taken to the next level - where we apply an effect on zoom in, and on zoom out. And the results are simply awesome!
Speed Ramping
Click somewhere in the video, press K. Edit speeds. We'll do the rest - including accelerating between the speeds.
Time-remapping to the BEAT
Select the "Built-up" parts of your video (where your video will play in slow-mo). Select some music keyframes (where the video will play in slow-mo). Enjoy!
Awesome Effects
We've added 100+ effects you can use - simply drag and drop, set some properties, and then see them in action!
Immersive Transitions
Our transitions are immersive. The apply to the ending video and to the next video at the same time. So while the transition is running, both videos are running.
Animated Crop
As a bonus to the regular Crop, you can set several keyframes, and at each keyframe have a different cropped section to animate to. Hover in the lower section, and you'll instantly see the results!
Wanna add music to your videos? It's simple. Synchronize your video to the music with just a few clicks.
Drag & drop your own
You can use our own music - which is FREE as long as it's used from our app. Or simply drag and drop your own music - we'll also figure out the music beats.
Record yourself
Anywhere during the video, you can record yourself as the video plays. If you don't like it, do another take. Until you're happy with it. If you have some background music, it will auto-fade out when you talk, and fade back in when you stop talking.
Cut / move / Split anywhere
Anywhere you wish, you can select a part from the song and cut it out. Or decide to keep it and drop everything else. Or, split the song, and use one of the split parts later. This also applies to the sections where you've recorded yourself.
Set Volume
To any music segment - select it, and on the right, you'll see the volume. Drag it higher or lower - that's it!
Sync to the Beat
On the music section, we show the beats. While you resize an effect or transition, we'll show you the beats and snap to them. This works also when you resize the media. This also works when you cut a part of a video - so it's synched to the beat!
Reverse Sync to the Beat
You can also drag the song, to fit your video transitions!
We haven't officially launched yet. We're still in BETA until the end of 2020. We will launch on 1st of Feb 2021. Stay tuned!
For now, it's Windows 10 Only, version 1903+. Depending on what you guys ask, we may port it to other platforms as well.
While in BETA, the application is FREE. After that, it will be subscription based.
Please drop as an email at cinematic@studiocinematic.com , and we'll do our best to add it!